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The Degani Aldo Company has deep roots dating back to 1950 when it embarked on its journey in the lead-acid battery industry. Founded as a modest mechanical workshop, our history is steeped in dedication, passion, and continuous growth.

It all began with Mr. Giovanni Degani, our grandfather, who, despite starting a generic business, soon recognized the opportunities that the battery market could offer. Collaborating with major battery manufacturers located in Milan and its surroundings, he became an expert in the maintenance and repair of casting molds. This skill led him to become a trusted mold supplier for the largest battery manufacturer in Italy.

Mr. Aldo Degani, our father, continued with the same spirit of collaboration and expanded our product range. Endowed with a deep knowledge of casting molds, he also established relationships with foreign manufacturers, contributing to our ongoing development.

Today, we represent the third generation of the Degani family, with over 70 years of experience and strong connections in the industry. We directly supply major battery manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore, we have collaborated as subcontractors with key players in the equipment and engineering sector. We distinguish ourselves through our lean and flexible structure, in stark contrast to industry giants, focusing on advanced technology and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our heritage includes a close collaboration with engineers and technicians experienced in the field of automotive and industrial batteries, hailing from the finest European manufacturers. These independent consultants enrich our knowledge and enable us to stay abreast of technological advancements.

Massimo and Fabio Degani


In Milan, the mechanical workshop founded by our grandfather, Giovanni Degani, is born



Degani Aldo's brand was born


First CNC milling machine


Massimo joins the family company


New location in Lentate sul Seveso


First cad-cam software


First high speed CNC machining center


Fabio joins the family business


Beginning of 3D designing


Degani Aldo srl is established with the two partners, brothers Massimo and Fabio

SINCE 2012

Participation in world-relevant conferences in the industry


Second production facility - doubling of the warehouse


The first industry 4.0 work center arrives


Global success, family roots